The Experience Exchange Fellowship Program is an international program
that promotes direct dialogue, practical training and experience exchange opportunities
for addressing child abuse, gender-based violence and human trafficking




Experience Exchange Program for Medical Personal and Forensic Scientists

Receiving a medical examination is critical for children and adults who have experienced abuse. Reducing trauma is the number one concern of all multidisciplinary teams involved with child abuse. Medical examinations also are an important part of child abuse and gender-based violence investigations. We provide experience exchange and shadowing opportunities for medical personnel in the best clinics and medical facilities in California. We focus on forensic medical examinations to collect DNA samples and preserving viable medical evidence to help prosecute the abuser.

We also facilitate practical training programs for forensic DNA scientist and technicians in the top ranked county and state DNA labs and highly reputable commercial DNA companies in the USA.




Experience Exchange Program for Law Enforcement and Judiciary

Global Alliance for Health provides experience exchange opportunities for law enforcement professionals, police officers, investigators and prosecutions to effectively address specific child abuse, domestic violence, and human trafficking cases. The program includes the training for first responders, analyzing and share investigation and prosecution techniques and brainstorming trial strategies, expert witness assistance, and victim support services.

The Experience Exchange program provides  program participants with resources and information about the legal process in child abuse and GBV cases in California. The program highlights the process of preparing children to testify in court and describe how allegations of child sexual abuse may be addressed in different types of courts.




Experience Exchange Program for Advocasy and Social Workers

We provide opportunity for international advocacy workers to learn and be exposed to the concept and services of children’s advocacy centers, forensic interviewing centers, and family justice centers in California, utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach to ensure that the involved agencies tasked with investigating, prosecuting and treating child abuse victims work together to meet the needs of the child and family.

We facilitate training and experience exchange sessions for victim advocates to support victims of crime. The victim advocates offer emotional and legal support and coordinate access to various resources including crime prevention, safety planning, community support programs. Advocates also support and accompany victims in court.


We are a volunteer-driven high impact organization

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Our Mission and History

We are a growing global organization based upon

collaboration mutual learning and partnership


Improving lives of children and families in developing nations
through better health, social welfare and access to justice.

Global Alliance for Health is 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in California since 1993. Initially, (until 2013) the organization was registered and known as the Georgian Foundation. We have a 20-year history of developing International programs and initiatives in partnership with many leading global agencies and organizations. In parallel, we have vast experience in collaboration with local NGOs, regional and national governments of host countries. Our goal is to improve medical care delivery and enhance infrastructure development through training, technical and material support as well as strengthen community development through alliances with local initiatives, foster individual commitment and participation as a keystone for creating healthy and vibrant communities. From 2010 our organization has been actively involved in addressing the epidemic child sexual abuse and gender-based violence in the Republic of Zambia. As a result, in 2013 we initiated and signed Public Private Partnership agreement with Zambian National Government that outlined specific steps of systematic and collaborative approach in responding the extensive child sexual abuse problem in Zambia.

Global Alliance for Health has conducted Experience Exchange programs for Zambian doctors, police officers, prosecutors, judges, social and advocacy workers. Our children’s advocates mobile groups were working in several compounds of Lusaka and responding to CSA cases. We successfully implemented four missions of US professionals in Zambia and trained local Zambian specialists in addressing child sexual abuse and domestic violence.  We have identified and trained Zambian DNA scientists to compliment Zambian governments effort for establishing first ever DNA forensic lab in the county.

We are dedicated to addressing global challenges by consolidating efforts and utilizing talents of most experienced professionals, and community leaders from different countries. We partner with owner 41 governmental and nongovernmental organizations in the USA. Our US partners were able to demonstrate the ways in which their system addresses allegations of child sexual abuse, and from that, the Zambian delegates were able to cultivate the best practices and methods that would suit the local social-cultural environment. Our Expertise Exchange Fellowship program alumni play leading roles in reforming and advancing the law enforcement, judicial, medical and social service systems in the republic of Zambia.

Board of Directors

Global Alliance for Health is Governed by the Executive Board 

Our Organization also is supported by the Expert Advisory Board


We believe that every individual can create positive social change by sharing best practices,
experience, and resources with others who share the same goals.

Dr. Nicole M. Barnett, RN, Chair of the Board

Dr. Nicole Barnett offers a comprehensive background in biomedical research, education and nursing. She completed her nursing training at Contra Costa College in 1994. She is also an alumna of Oberlin College in Oberlin Ohio , and California State University Dominguez Hills where she earned her BSN and MBA. In August 2005, she earned her doctorate in health sciences from the Nova Southeastern University College of Allied Health and Nursing. Dr. Barnett is also a state certified public health nurse (PHN) and in 2012 achieved her certification as a Clinical Nurse Leader from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN).


Michael Melewicz, MD CEO and Executve Director

Dr. Melewicz is a primary care physician and is board certified in Internal Medicine, Oncology and Hematology and has a Masters degree in International Business from the London Business School. He has extensive experience in hospital, clinic and medical group management. He also serves as Medical Director of Medicus Consulting Inc., and has been a consultant to WHO Smallpox Eradication Program, UK National Health Service and US Center for Disease Control.


Shota 1

Shota Shubladze,  Board Member, COO

Shota is non profit professional with twelve years of non-profit development experience on a local and international level. His field of expertise lies with strategic planning, program and organizational development, grant management, proposal writing, program evaluation and fund development.¨He graduated from Tbilisi State University 1995 with his MS in Oriental Studies, received a Non-Profit Management Certificate and his Master's degree in Public Administration from the California State University East Bay in 2009 and 2011. In 2014 he completed his doctorate course in Walden University. Shota is dedicated professional and scholar practitioner.  He is author of Experience Exchange Fellowship Program, Community Ambassadors' Program and many other international initiatives. He is working on his doctoral research as a PhD candidate in Public Policy and Administration with specialization of International Non Governmental Organizations. 


Karen Meredith, Board Member

Karen Meredith has been a prosecutor with the Alameda County District Attorney's Office for over 33 years and the Realignment Coordinator, after having been the Assistant in-charge of the Hayward and Head of the child sexual assault vertical prosecution team. Karen spent 8 years on-site at CALICO, Alameda County's child advocacy center, where she facilitated child abuse forensic interviews and worked closely and collaboratively with all agencies “governmental and private“ involved in the investigation of child abuse.  Karen is the immediate past chair of the California Network of Child Advocacy Centers and is involved statewide in the training of police officers and social workers on the forensic interviewing of children.

George Carathimas, Board Member, CFO

George Carathimas is a dual registered financial advisor he is the founder of Carathimas And Association, established in 1996 a privately held company in San Ramon, Categorized under Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. George has 22 years of experience in tax preparation, financial audit, and monitoring.

Expert Advisory Board

Kristy Brodeur

Kristy Brodeur has been interviewing child abuse victims for 18 years, and is currently a Senior Child Interview Specialist and Training Coordinator at CALICO Center, Alameda County's Child Advocacy Center. Kristy has conducted approx 3000 interviews of suspected child abuse victims, sexually exploited children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Kristy has also facilitated over 300 trainings on interviewing child abuse victims, resiliency and the child abuse professionals, mandating reporting laws and responsibilities and interviewing victim's with intellectual disabilities. She has presented trainings locally, state wide and internationally. Kristy is a tenured faculty member at John F Kennedy University. She earned her Bachelors' Degree in Psychology and Human Development, and her Master's Degree in Consulting Psychology. In 2012, Kristy was awarded the National Children's Advocacy Center's award for Outstanding Service Award.


Paul Gero

Paul is the Assistant District Attorney at the Napa County District Attorney's Office in Napa, California.  He has been a prosecutor for 15 years and specialized in child sexual assault cases.  Paul has handled many high profile cases including obtaining an 800 year sentence for a serial child molester and a first degree murder conviction on a 37 year old cold case rape and murder.  He is also a Sexual Assault Mentor for state prosecutors.  Paul spearheaded the opening of the Courage Center, Napa's Child Advocacy Center, and its national certification by the National Children's Alliance.  He developed the memorandum of understanding, linking the Courage Center with the One Stop Center in Lusaka.  In 2012, Paul was named Prosecutor of the Year by California District Attorneys Association.  He received his B.A. from Claremont McKenna College and his J.D. from the University of San Francisco School of Law.

Erin Harper

Erin is a Child Interview Specialist and Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) Coordinator for CALICO. She has been trained in forensic interview practices at locations across the state and nationally at the National Children’s Advocacy Center in Huntsville, Alabama and the National Children’s Alliance in Washington D.C. As MDT Coordinator, she helps oversee CALICO’s protocols, team data evaluation and agency coordination. Erin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania magna cum laude with a B.A. in European History. She received her J.D. from UC-Hastings College of the Law. At Hastings, she was a member of the Constitutional Law Quarterly and won the Best Brief award at the National Evans Moot Court Constitutional Law Competition. Prior to joining CALICO, she was an Associate Attorney at Pillsbury.

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We are a volunteer-driven high impact organization

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