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Zambian Prosecutors and Judiciary Members Visit California

By Shota Shubladze | November 18, 2014

Five delegates from the Republic of Zambia took part in a month-long international experience exchange program in the U.S launched by Global Alliance for Health to combat the alarming number of child sexual abuse (CSA) and gender-based violence (GBV) in the Republic of Zambia. This program, which took place October 2014, provided the Zambian delegates…

Meet Global Alliance for Health

By Shota Shubladze | June 12, 2014

Dear Friends Meet Global Alliance for Health We address global challenges through our network of expert advisors and partner organization by applying knowledge and expertise to generate and deliver local sustainable improvements in the areas of healthcare, education, advocacy, and justice. We connect people for delivering sustainable solutions.   Please subscribe share and like our…

Sustainable solutions through partnership and collaboration

By Shota Shubladze | June 12, 2014

Join us, together we can make a difference ! Global Alliance for Health helps build sustainable solutions through training’s and experience exchange in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Advocacy, and Justice. We create real opportunities for improvement by connecting people across the globe. We believe in horizontal leadership, equal partnership, and collaboration between individuals, organizations,…