Awareness and prevention

We facilitate community education for recognizing and reporting possible human trafficking cases to local law enforcement.


Medical and legal support

We provide learning and experience exchange opportunities in medical care, and mental health treatment for human trafficking victims. We also facilitate to employ a rights-based approach, returning decision-making power to survivors who can hold their traffickers accountable. We promote a coordinated, community-wide and multi-disciplinary response as no one agency can respond to all aspects of the crime of human trafficking and the individualized needs of every victim.




Rehabilitation and social reintegration

We promote the multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation which is based on the principle that the effective rehabilitation of trafficking victims who have experienced various type of abuse requires systematic and coordinated services from physicians, psychologists, legal experts, social workers and other relevant experts.

We are a volunteer-driven high impact organization

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Our concept is working in alliance with great individuals and organizations to provide better, more secure, and healthy environments for children and families in extremely difficult circumstances.