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In Frame of Public Private Partnership the Georgian Foundation has initiated the Experience Exchange Fellowship Program (EEFP), which enables healthcare, forensic, and police professionals from the Republic of Zambia to engage in practical training programs in the United States, which will be tailored to their professional interests.

Signing MOU with Zambian Government

Signing MOU with Zambian Government

The practical trainings will be provided in partnership with the Courage Center in Napa, California, Sorenson Forensics the world-renowned private forensic DNA laboratory in Salt Lace City, Utah,the Center for Child Protection at Children’s Hospital in Oakland, the Oakland PD forensic laboratory, and other relevant governmental and non-governmental agencies in the USA.

The program in the USA will be focused on improving medical examinations and forensic evidence collection, demonstrating how to perform a complete and accurate examination for sexual abuse. The procedure for collecting, transferring, storing, presenting exam findings and factual information along with a tight chain of evidence will be demonstrated. The program will also focus on conducting advocacy programs, and supporting the development and accreditation of a forensic laboratory in Zambia, with the help of volunteers from cooperating partners. Additionally, Zambian experts will be provided with the opportunity to visit forensic laboratories in California and in Salt Lake City, Utah and to observe and learn how they function.

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