About Us

Global Alliance for Health is 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in California since 1993. Initially, (until 2013) the organization was registered and known as the Georgian Foundation. We have a 20-year history of developing International programs and initiatives in partnership with many leading global agencies and organizations. In parallel, we have vast experience in collaboration with local NGOs, regional and national governments of host countries. Our goal is to improve medical care delivery and enhance infrastructure development through training, technical and material support as well as strengthen community development through alliances with local initiatives, foster individual commitment and participation as a keystone for creating healthy and vibrant communities.

Mission Statement

Improving lives in developing nations through better health and social welfare.

Our vision is each person has a secure social environment and access to basic healthcare.

To improve medical care delivery and enhance infrastructure development through training, technical and material support.

Strengthen community development through alliances with partner organizations.

The Way We Work

Our organization is develops and strengthens an alliance to respond to global challenges in the areas of healthcare, education, advocacy, and justice. The cooperative approach of international and local agencies along with individual, peer-to-peer collaboration and experience exchange is a powerful breakthrough for promoting and planting successful and sustainable improvements. In order to provide positive impact, we identify and work through local non-governmental and governmental organizations and agencies in the host countries. We expect our network to develop strong business and community connections between donor and recipient nations. Many US organizations and professional experts already demonstrate their interest in supporting people in different parts of the world. By sharing their knowledge and experience, our partner organizations and individual experts are delivering sustainable solutions in the areas it is most needed.

Our History

With the disintegration of the USSR in 1989, came the severing of supply for many essentials for every region. Georgia was the first region to declare itself a Republic, and suffered immediate as well as long-term consequences from Russia's animosity. By the time the principals of the Georgian Foundation came to the Republic of Georgia, in 1992, there was widespread despair and desperation, and a nearly complete lack of medical care capacity. Merle McQueen, Charles Clemons, MD and Ward Flad, MD felt compelled to help the Georgian people reconstitute their capacity to provide basic medical care. From the first mission, the Georgian Foundation realized that the value and strength of humanitarian assistance is not in supplying needed things, but in the true capacity building, entailed in teaching and training the indigenous population to care for their own population. Similarly, the Georgian Foundation realized that they did not have the staff or resources to act alone, and that many endeavors require multiple elements, each with its own intricacies and skills. Thus, Georgian Foundation resolved to do each of its projects in conjunction with the leading available experts when needed, and primarily act as overall coordinator, as in "general contractor". The result has been a nearly 20 year track record of tremendously successful projects in widely varying fields of medical capacity building for the people and the country of the Republic of Georgia. In addition to its immensely valuable work in Georgia, the Georgian Foundation is now applying its skills, as well as its 'lessons learned', in the country of Zambia.

From 2010 Georgian Foundation has been actively involved in addressing the epidemic child sexual abuse and gender based violence in the Republic of Zambia. As a result, in 2013 Georgian Foundation initiated and signed Public Private Partnership agreement with Zambian National Government and Government of the United States that outlined specific steps of systematic and collaborative approach in responding the extensive child sexual abuse problem in Zambia.   For more information about Global Alliance for Health please contact us at contact@globalallianceforhealth.ubercm.com